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Syntec Systems Corp.

6 Stage Pretreatment Washer

Poly and Stainless Steel

Part Opening: 2.6' x 3' (can be modified into 4'6"W x 6'H)

8-12 Fpm

Location: Saukville, WI

Stage 1: 90 sec. Alkaline Wash

Stage 2: 30 sec. Rinse

Stage 3: 60 sec. Phosphate rinse

Stage 4: 30 sec. Rinse

Stage 5: 30 sec. Seal

Stage 6: 30 sec. Rinse


This unique washer was used by Harley Davidson and has the capability of being modified into a single entry with a  4.4' wide x 6' tall opening for a wider part. Asking price is $120,000