Syntec Systems Corp.
Main Office: 262-675-6091
Formerly Collins Equipment & Supplies
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  • Powder and Liquid Coating Systems, Automatic or Manual
  • E-Coating Systems
  • Quick Color change Powder Booths
  • Powder Reclaim Systems/ Spray to Waste Systems
  • Muli-Stage Wash Systems
  • Pass through Wash Systems
  • Batch Wash Systems
  • Belt Washers
  • Cure Ovens/ Batch Ovens/ Pass-through Ovens/ Burn Off Ovens
  • Robotics- Robotic Coating Cells
  • Spray Booths/ Batch Booths/ Pass-through Booths/ Quick Color Reclaim Booths
  • Mixing Rooms
  • Spare parts and Ware Paints
  • Electrostatic Equipment
  • Supplies/ Booths/ Safety/ Filters/ Ware
  • Monorail Systems/ Overhead/ Chain on edge
  • 2K Liquid Systems
  • Spray Guns - Liquid or Powder
  • Pressure Pots/ Hoses/ Regulators/ Paint Pumps
  • Blow Off/ Dry Off Systems