Syntec Systems Corp.
Main Office: 262-675-6091
Formerly Collins Equipment & Supplies
Pretreatment is a vital step in the perfect finish. Syntec provides our customers with both new and used equipment depending on budget and other limiting factors. We work with our customers in providing superior equipment and 24/7 service. 
There are different types of surface treatment when you get down to what you need, how many parts you finish and when you need it done by. 

Types of surface treatment: 

Dip Pretreatment 
Multi-Stage Preatment Washer (Stainless Steel or Poly) 
Parts Washer 
Blasting (Sand, Shot, Soda, etc.)
Spray Wand

Syntec will service existing Preteatment Systems (Nozzles, Manifolds, Risers, Pumps, Heat Sources, Blast Systems)