Syntec Systems Corp.
Main Office: 262-675-6091
Formerly Collins Equipment & Supplies

Syntec Systems has a well-stocked and cataloged parts department to get parts shipped to your location as quickly as possible. Syntec also carries Bex Spray Nozzles. We have the ability to dropship straight from many of our manufacturers or ship from our headquarters. 

Syntec carries and stocks a wide selection of overspray filters and paint arrestors providing cutting edge filtration technology. Syntec Stocks Final Filters, Cartridge Filters, Booth Filters, Paint Pockets and more. Call us for Pricing to include your discount.
Chemical, MetalWorking Fluids, and MetalForming Fluids

Syntec Systems offers a service to Machine Shops such as Metalworking Fluids and MetalForming Fluids. Providing the right solutions for your machines is what we do. We have teamed up with New Age Chemical to provide Coolants and Fluids to specific industries that require it. We offer free consultation so contact us as soon as you can. 

Strippable Booth Coatings


Syntec offer carbicote strippable coatings from Carbit. Carbit Booth Coatings ensures your paint or powder booth is 100% protected and effective. Carbicote can be used on the floors, lights, and walls. Call us for more information such as pricing, how to apply the product, and your discount.