Syntec Systems Corp.
Main Office: 262-675-6091
Formerly Collins Equipment & Supplies
Syntec Systems Manufactures Powder Coating Ovens, Booths, and has partnered with other manufacturers to bring you the highest quality Finishing Systems on the market. Contact Us for Pricing on any size Batch Oven or Booth you need.
Powder Booths (Quick Color Change/Reclaim, Manual, Automatic, Batch)
Spray Booths 
Powder Coating Ovens 
Dry Off Ovens 
Automated Spray Booths 
Burn Off Ovens 
Blast Booths 
Air Makeup Units
Powder Booths 

Syntec Systems is a Wagner Distributor of new Powder Systems. We will consult, engineer and install the Powder Coating System that fits your needs at a reasonable price.

After Installation Syntec is the one who will take care of your parts, components, and repairs. Don't hesitate to call us regarding you next Powder System.
Paint Booths 
Syntec Systems is a ColMet distributor and can figure out the type of Paint Booth that fits your requirements. We have sold and installed Paint Booths ranging from 20'L-150'L. We will ensure you save money on the cost and receive the best service along the way. 

Ask for our list of references!
Cure Ovens/Dry Off Ovens and Burn Off Ovens
Syntec Systems builds Powder Coat Cure Ovens, Dry off Ovens, and Automated Cure Ovens to fit our customers requirements (Ground Level, or elevated). 

Burn Off Ovens are available new and used. They are necessary for cleaning your hooks or as a pretreatment method.

Air Makeup
fAThe CT Series Air Makeup Unit replaces 100% of the exhausted air from the booth enclosure or building with fresh, filtered, tempered outside air. The CT Series AMU is equipped with a custom control panel designed specifically for the finishing industry.
The CT AMU is the solution for a competitively priced project. They offer many of the same options as the EZ Heat and Cure AMU series, with the advantage of lightweight construction and lower sound levels.
Dump Into Building – No Exhaust VFD, No Light Circuit
Heat Only – Exhaust VFD, Light Circuit, Spray Air Interlock
Heat & Cure – Exhaust VFD, Light Circuit, Cure Cycle, Spray Air Interlock, Door Limit Switches
Our Colmet Air Makeup Units are designed to replace 100% of the air exhausted from the Paint Booth or building with fresh, and filtered air from outside. They are equipped with an easy to use control panel designed for the finishing industry and are built light in order to fit in an area or on an elcosure.
We offer three different options through Colmet such as:
Building Use: No Exhaust VFD, No Light Circuit
Heat Only: Exhaust VFD, Light Circuit, Spray Air Interlock
Heat & Cure: Exhaust VFD, Light Circuit, Cure Cycle, Spray Air Interlock, and Door Limit Switches