Syntec Systems Corp.
Main Office: 262-675-6091
Formerly Collins Equipment & Supplies
Syntec Systems is a Distributor for leading manufacturers of Liquid Coating Systems. We offer liquid spray booths of any size, Cure Chambers, and the application equipment tailored to your process. Syntec repairs and rebuilds pumps, guns, 2 component systems and other application equipment you're using.

Below is some of what we offer new:

Spray Guns 
Fluid Handling 
Wagner 2K Systems with less wear items
Maintenance Services

2K Smart System Mixes your Paint better than a human
The Wagner 2K Smart System is the perfect solution if you'd like to achieve high precision mixing ratios, homogeneity, fast paint changes, complex 2K or 3K applications and complete automation! The 2K Smart offers an unlimited number of options for use and with the technology will tell you how much paint your saving. 

Customers that have seen this have given it glowing reveiws due to it's easy to use interface, less wear items, and long lasting pumps. 

Contact Syntec for a free consultation and we'll determine the type of paint system that you need and is budget friendly.