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Used E-Coat Line
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Used/Refurbished E-Coat Line


Part Size: 3’-6” High x 2’ (Direction of Indexing) x 6’ Long


Up to 20 Load bars per hour


Approximate Dimensions: 63’ Long x 11’ Wide (With Service Platform)


8 Stage Pretreatment System – Tanks all Stainless Steel


Stages 1,2 & 5 Heated with Maxon Tube – O- Therm gas burners


Bag Filters Stages 1 & 2


Stainless Steel E-Coat Tank with Three Post Rinses – Tanks Stainless Steel


Gusher Vertical Pumps – Process Stages


Controlled Power Rectifier


Gas Fire Bake Oven / Cooling Tunnel – Overhead


Automatic Load / Unload design With Webb conveyor


PLC Controlled


Has the ability to skip stages


Dismantled and ready for shipment


Ships in 5 Truck Loads 


Call us if you have any questions: 608-630-3424